Sketch 3: Mulan

Mulan is an aesthetically satisfying motion picture, isn’t it?

Sketch 1: Flowing Elegance

Recently, I decided to try my hand at drawing, or sketching, or may be doodling- whatever you want to call it. And I have found it to be almost therapeutic. Having already dealt with and still battling an unfortunate amount of frustration and stress, I found dabbling, albeit amateurishly, in arts help me to calm…

My Rendezvous with Katwa Doll-Making

Forever fascinated with this art-form, I decided to give it a try! All I can say is that from picking up the paint-brush to putting the finishing touch, it was a very enriching experience indeed. The aesthetic value of it is for yours to decide.

Lumos: Pandas & Dragons Brighten Up the City of Joy

Organized by Magical Panda Lights – a world renowned Chinese company, in collaboration with Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited, this is the first ever lantern festival of its kind held in the ‘City of Joy’.

The Grand Fair We Call Durga Pujo!

Think of Durga Puja as the world’s biggest, and likely, the most popular art fair – one that ends with artworks being systematically destroyed.