The Journey to Find Yourself

You should be proud of who you’ve become after wading through all that pain. Maybe you’ve lost a bit of yourself in the process, but you’ve gained more than you ever hoped for. Today you’re a champion, today you are a winner.

Let There Be Light!

Mistakes, failures, offences and sorrow,

Forget all for a better tomorrow.

Fill your heart with hope, joy and delight,

With patience and forgiveness, let there be light!


হেরে যাওয়াটা তনিমার ঠিক সহ্য হয় না, হারতে সে শেখেনি |

The Grand Fair We Call Durga Pujo!

Think of Durga Puja as the world’s biggest, and likely, the most popular art fair – one that ends with artworks being systematically destroyed.

We Only Have Today

Who knows what tomorrow holds! Today is all she has. Today is all her Mom has.

This Too Shall Pass…

Fight because you know, this too shall pass. Fight till the darkness gives way to light and you can see clearly again.

Because You Are There…

I love how the butterflies are gone
But it’s the comfort that’s there.
How the moments are not as maddening…
Still, they are soothing at every step, everywhere!
A tight hug,  a quiet smile, a light touch,
They all let me know, I’ll be okay
Because it’s you … You are there.